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Prototyping systems

The verification gap is a well-known challenge facing your ASIC designers. It is much easier to design millions of transistors than to verify them in a timely manner. One key limiting factor is the slow pace of RTL simulators, usually in the order of magnitude of single-digit Hz.
Hardware Acceleration and Emulation are two available solutions that are increasingly added to the portfolio of techniques our customers use in advanced designs.
Our teams’ proficiency in the combination of ASIC design, FPGA implementation and high-end verification positions Veriest at the locus of skills required to efficiently implement such solutions. We undertake careful examination of what parts of the design and the test environment are mapped into the target system and what is left to run on the host system, and how to optimize the communication between the two, following Amdahl’s law.
We work closely with Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor and other vendors to implement their solutions in different projects. We also develop customer-made FPGA boards for similar purposes.

From acceleration to emulation – Veriest is the very best in high-performance Hardware Verification!