Women in engineering – Ynet Article

The leading Israeli news site ynet published an article on women in engineering. Our own Ornat was one of the examples featured in the piece:
“@Ornat Cohen Gutman (38) works at Veriest as a Verification Engineer, responsible for the functionality of the devices the company designs for its customers – large hitech companies and startups. As part of her tasks, she certifies the devices’ behavior and checks that there are no components with faults. Only after that, one can continue with the chips’ manufacturing process.”
Ornat is quoted: “In engineering there are challenging and fascinating aspects and there is no reason why women with relevant passion should be afraid to enter such professions due to prejudice. It is important that women’s voice will also be heard in these fields since it contributes to diversity at the workplace and better and more complete results for the customer.”

Link (in Hebrew):