Veriest Verification Meetup/June 2021

Veriest just hosted the first face-to-face meetup in over a year!

It was great seeing everyone, we had some lovely chats and great food, oh and also Verification!

Verification and Design engineers from different companies in Israel gathered and listen to Elihai Maicas​ speak about Improved Solutions for Advanced Registers Structures, followed by Avidan Efody who shared his ideas on an outline for a python based post-processing verification methodology that can co-exist with UVM – Thank you both for your contribution to this event!
We would also like to thank Efrat Shneydor & Eli Shteiner who later joined Avidan and Elihai for a great panel discussion about the future of UVM.
Thanks to all who attended! It was a pleasure to have you, see you next time!