Veriest supports the development of Mobileye’s automotive sensor products

Veriest supports the development of Mobileye’s
innovative automotive sensor products

Veriest team was instrumental in implementing SoC family of Radar/Lidar devices

Petach Tikva, Israel –September 14th, 2022: Veriest Solutions, a leading international Electronics Design Services house, announced today that its engineers supported Mobileye in the development of a series of state-of-the-art automotive devices, powering autonomous driving solutions.

Veriest engineers implemented and verified the flawless operation of various components of Lidar and Radar sensor chips, which are part of Mobileye’s wholistic solution for autonomous driving applications. The work was performed under rigorous automotive quality standards and compliance demands. This required the teams to work closely to address different challenges, that included system design, hardware and software aspects.

Yehuda Adelman, VP of Mobileye’s EyeC VLSI said: “Veriest is a true partner in our projects, Veriest engineers show high professional set of skills and real commitment to their tasks.”
Ran Cohen, EyeC VLSI FE manager added:  “The team took a major part in our complex Radar and Lidar projects and we felt we can trust on the quality of the work that was done by the Veriest team on several challenging tasks in both block level and SoC level.”

Moshe Zalcberg, CEO of Veriest, said: “Mobileye is the world-leader in the autonomous driving industry and in LiDAR/RADAR technologies, which are crucial for safe deployment of a new driving experience. Therefore, we feel honored of this long-standing relationship, where Mobileye’s team trust Veriest experts to deliver some critical functionality of this SoC product family.”