Veriest Solutions and Neuronix AI Labs Collaborate for Neural Network Acceleration

The solution will be demonstrated at the upcoming embedded world conference 

TEL AVIV, Israel – March 13th 2023 — Veriest Solutions, a leading VLSI Design Services house, and Neuronix AI Labs – an IP Core provider for highly-efficient neural network acceleration, will be demonstrating breakthrough performance for edge computer vision inferencing at the upcoming Embedded World Conference in Nuremberg on March 14th-16th (Hall 3, booth#531).   

As edge devices embed further computer vision capabilities such as object detection, classification and segmentation, there is an increasing need for higher resolution, framerate and accuracy while reducing cost and low power consumption and running on battery power for extended periods of time. 

Neuronix AI Labs Neural Network acceleration core for computer vision enables edge devices based on FPGAs, such as the AMD MPSoC family of products to increase their performance by eight to twelve-fold, hence enabling higher resolution, higher frame rate and more robust networks to run on the same proven off-the-shelf hardware. 

Using standard interfaces to existing AI environments and the software toolset provided by Neuronix AI Labs, system vendors can run edge computer vision applications on existing off-the-shelf hardware and benefit from the performance boost and power consumption reduction offered by Neuronix with minimal-to-no changes on their side. 

“Our solution for Neural Network acceleration on off-the-shelf FPGAs enables system vendors in the industrial, Smart-Retail, Safe-City as well as other verticals to get the best performance per dollar and per Watt – Similar to those offered by dedicated silicon, while maintaining flexibility and future proof similar to those offered by GPUs” said Yaron Raz, CEO at Neuronix AI Labs. “Working closely with the Veriest team on this groundbreaking innovation enabled us to complement our internal team capabilities with the expertise and experience of Veriest engineering”. 

“It has been a privilege to work with Neuronix AI Labs team in such a break-through Artificial Intelligence solution for computer vision” added Moshe Zalcberg, CEO at Veriest Solutions. “We’re proud that, by engaging in such leading-edge projects, Veriest’s Hardware and Software engineers have the opportunity to work in some of the most innovative projects in the industry.”

About Neuronix AI Labs INC 

Neuronix AI Labs reduces computer-vision AI cost and power consumption by more than 90%. 

This groundbreaking reduction makes large-scale edge deployments cost-effective and enables computer-vision applications on end-devices with limited compute or battery power. 

The solution is offered as software licenses & core-IP that can be incorporated into next-generation silicon or run on existing off-the-shelf hardware accelerators known as FPGAs. 

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About Veriest Solutions  

Veriest is an international ASIC design house providing a Full-flow range of professional engineering services. Veriest’s client portfolio includes the full spectrum of globally-established semiconductor industry leaders, system companies, and innovative startups developing high-end electronics technology. Headquartered in Israel, Veriest was founded in 2007 and as of 2013 is a subsidiary of Aman Group – a technology powerhouse. Veriest’s engineering teams in Israel, Serbia, Hungary and UK, include 150 expert engineers in full ASIC design and implementation, functional and formal verification, FPGA design, virtualization, embedded software and other technical domains.
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