Veriest and NeuReality collaborate on TSMC 7nm AI device

NeuReality and Veriest Achieve Great Engineering Feat
Advance AI Chips for World’s Largest Data Centers

Veriest experts played a critical role in the physical implementation
of a new and challenging chip category on TSMC N7 technology..

Petach Tikva, Israel – October 25, 2023: Veriest Solutions, a leading international designer of application-specific integrated circuits – or ASIC – customized for specific uses – announces a great engineering feat in collaboration with NeuReality, a pioneering Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems and semiconductor company. Veriest engineering teams played a pivotal role in developing the world’s first Network Addressable Processing Unit – or NAPU – which underpins NeuReality’s overall AI inference solution.

While NeuReality’s complete inference AI technology stack includes systems architecture, hardware, and software, Veriest played a key role in the underlying NR1, the world’s first NAPU based on TSMC N7 technology “It was a great privilege for the Veriest team to implement the first-generation NR1, a device that promises to revolutionize the world’s data centers running and large AI applications from generative AI and recommendation engines to cybersecurity and business intelligence at scale,” says Moshe Zalcberg, Veriest CEO.

“The Veriest team demonstrated exceptional proficiency in implementing system-,” on-chip (SoC) designs tailored for NeuReality’s custom AI infrastructure,” says Tzvika Shmueli, Co-founder and VP of Operations at NeuReality. Neureality’s multiple NR1 AI chips in a single server form a crucial component of heterogenous, decomposable AI-centric data centers which include CPUs, GPUs, and deep learning accelerators or DLAs. We designed our inference AI solution to optimize all of these components by offloading hardware to a new category of microprocessor called NAPUs for greater performance and cost efficiency,” Shmueli says Veriest’s contributions positively and significantly impacted a revolutionary project, ensuring the highest quality, performance and reliability of NeuReality’s novel AI semiconductor products.  “Veriest has proven to be an invaluable partner, showcasing exceptional skills and unwavering dedication to our AI-centric NR1 chip that recently moved from final, validated design to TSMC manufacturing. We are excited to make AI easier and more affordable to deploy and use for all.”

Zalcberg expressed his appreciation for the collaboration, stating: “NeuReality stands at the forefront of AI-driven semiconductor technology. We are honored to contribute to such a groundbreaking project and to be trusted with delivering essential functionality for their AI-based solutions.”


About Neureality

Founded in 2019, NeuReality Ltd. is an AI technology innovation company creating purpose-built AI-platforms for ultra-scalability of real-life AI applications. Its technology transforms how companies deploy AI inferencing with a holistic system solution that supports limitless deep learning models with its easily applied, integrated, end-to-end approach.

The company is led by a seasoned management team with extensive experience in data center architecture, systems, and software.  NeuReality’s co-founders are CEO Moshe Tanach, VP Operations Tzvika Shmueli, and VP VLSI Yossi Kasus. Prior to founding NeuReality, Moshe Tanach served in several executive roles as Director of Engineering at Marvell and Intel and AVP R&D at DesignArt Networks, later acquired by Qualcomm. Tzvika Shmueli served as VP of Backend at Mellanox Technologies and VP of Engineering at Habana Labs. Yossi Kasus served as Senior Director of Engineering at Mellanox and the head of VLSI at EZChip.

About Veriest Solutions

Veriest Solutions is a globally renowned ASIC design house, offering a comprehensive range of professional engineering services. Serving industry leaders, system companies, and innovative startups, Veriest boasts a team of 160 expert engineers specializing in full ASIC design and implementation, functional and formal verification, embedded software, and other technical domains. Founded in 2007, Veriest became a subsidiary of Aman Group in 2013.

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