Veriest contributes to the verification of Nuvoton’s Computing MCU devices

Veriest experts worked closely with Nuvoton’s team to verify critical functionality in a Multi-language (UVM-ML) environment

Petach Tikva, Israel – March 4th, 2020—Veriest Solutions, a leading international Electronics Design Services house, announced today the successful completion of a project, where Veriest staff has supported Nuvoton in the verification of a multitude of important functions in Nuvoton’s family of high-end computing microcontroller SoC devices, utilized by Nuvoton’s customers for building reliable, secure and resilient computing platforms.

Throughout the project, Veriest engineers defined and implemented verification plans for a complex System-on-a-Chip. Some of the verification environments created by Veriest, involved both Specman and System-Verilog components, and leveraged Accelera™’s UVM Multi-Language (UVM-ML) methodology, the common methodology for integrating verification components implemented in different languages. UVM-ML enables smooth integration of legacy code in one language with VIPs or other 3rd party components in a different language.

The combined team carried out the project under a very tight schedule, requiring team members to collaborate closely and cohesively, shoulder-to-shoulder.

Ilan Margalit, Nuvoton’s Director of IC Development commented: “Right from the very first moment on board, with their vast experience, Veriest engineers brought substantial contribution to our critical and challenging project, taking on the execution of some of the more complex verification tasks required to assure the quality of our design. All that, in the most professional and dedicated manner I could expect. Furthermore, Veriest engineers integrated seamlessly in Nuvoton Israel’s unique welcoming, open and teamwork-oriented company culture. Beyond that, Veriest management was flexible and very attentive to our needs, which obviously vary over time in light of the dynamic market environment we’re operating in. In summary, working with Veriest on this project was really a very positive experience.”

Moshe Zalcberg, CEO of Veriest, added: “It has been a great pleasure working closely with Nuvoton’s management and engineering team in Israel in such challenging projects, and having our engineers contribute from our experience and expertise to the success of their business. The usage of UVM-ML by our expert team in this project, demonstrates that great productivity benefits can be achieved when applying the most suitable methodology.”


About Nuvoton Technology Israel

Nuvoton Israel, Nuvoton Corporation’s R&D center in Israel specializes in developing innovative microcontroller solutions that focus on managing the stability, reliability and security of cloud and personal computing platforms, for which Nuvoton is a leading supplier. Nuvoton Israel works closely with major customers, primarily Tier-1 companies, in the cloud and personal computing space, to develop customized, innovative solutions for a wide range of application platforms. It incorporates flexible technology, advanced design capabilities and the integration of digital and analog technologies to develop products of outstanding cost-performance, thus enabling its customers to produce secure, resilient and cost-effective systems.