RISC-V Hackathon

Registration Page


This is the official registration page for all interested teams to register and confirm their participation in a hackathon competition that will take place on the 2122 of October 2023., organized by the Ruppin Academic Center Israel, Veriest Venture Serbia and School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade.

*Before officially registering by filling in the below form – please make sure you have read, agreed, and accepted the Terms and conditions of this competition and the Hackathon timelines, and that you are thus, fully eligible to apply. Please do not register if you have doubts about your availability for the required dates, current skillset, dedication to complete all the preparation assignments, or your readiness to comply with any of the Terms and conditions.


Register here

*Please note that this registration page will be available for accepting applications until the end of the day on the 29th of September.