RISC-V Hackathon

Terms and conditions


Eligibility for registration and participation:

  • You have read all the materials and watched the introductory presentation by Professor Freddy Gabay and concluded that you possess the required level of knowledge and understanding of hackathon technical aspects that qualify you to participate.

  • You acknowledge and accept the Hackathon timeline and Terms of the hackathon.

  • You are aware that pre-assignments provided are mandatory to be completed by Friday 20th of Oktober, before the start of the Hackathon

Terms of the Hackathon

The hackathon is being organized by Ruppin Academic Center from Israel, the company Veriest Venture Serbia from Belgrade, and the School of Electrical Engineering from Belgrade (the Organizers).

Only registered teams are eligible to participate in the hackathon.

The registration page will be available for accepting applications until the end of the day on the 29th of September.

You can register/apply even if you don’t have a partner and the Organizers will try to assign you with one, out of other sole/incomplete applications.

The Hackathon organization and premises are not designed to host unlimited teams that can participate. In case of an overly excessive number of registrations/applications – the Organizers reserve the right to choose by their own criteria teams that will participate.

One person from the team must always be present at the hackathon premises at the School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade during these 24+ hours of the hackathon schedule.

There will be an online preparation session at the School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade on the 20th of October at 11h, requiring all participants to attend. This session will also be hosted online so that participants from outside of Belgrade can attend too.

Teams from outside of Belgrade will be provided with transportation on the 21st of Oktober, the Hackathon Day, early in the morning.

Food and drinks will be provided for all participants during all hackathon hours.

All the necessary materials and equipment mandatory for preparation for the hackathon will be delivered to participants at the same time, three weeks before the hackathon date.

All the assignments provided in the hackathon group must be completed by October 20th, when the online preparation session will take place, and these assignments will be discussed. Please take into consideration that these assignments are mandatory prerequisites for successfully working on the Hackathon itself, and so the inability to do the assignments by this date may disqualify the team from the Hackathon.

All the materials, assignments, equipment, or any other property in any form or channel shared with the participants for the Hackathon purposes will stay the property of the Organizers and will be returned upon closing of the hackathon.

All the work done by the teams at the hackathon, presentations of the finalists, pictures, and videos taken by organizers and alike – will be considered for after-event promotion and used by the Organizers for analysis, presentations, social media postings, announcements, and alike. By registering you are aware and agree to your work and photo and video materials collected to be part of the after-event promotional activities of the Organizers, which will be conducted professionally and ethically.


1st place, the Hackathon winning team, by the Judge committee decision – 1500EUR. The prize will be paid to the team by the Organizer – company Veriest Venture Serbia.

2nd place – by the Judge committee decision – free 2 months VLSI design training provided by Veriest Venture Serbia for both team members.


*The Organizers reserve the right to change any of the information provided here. Any change, in schedule or otherwise, that is of importance to the participants of the Hackathon – the Organizers will communicate to all in due time.

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