Integration of
Secure Enclave IP
in IC designs

With the explosive growth of IoT deployments globally, security has become one of the biggest concerns for both IoT devices and ecosystem creators as well as users. SoC designs increasingly rely on on-chip, physically isolated Security Enclaves to guarantee resilience to physical and side-channel attacks intended to compromise such systems. Such an architecture enables a clear separation between security applications and more general functional applications and avoids giving easy entry points to attackers. It provides a secure anchor (root of trust) upon which devices can build their trust chain and ensure the integrity of IoT data.

Kudelski has leveraged its nearly 30 years of experience in designing secure hardware to provide a turnkey solution based on RISC-V that is highly secure and optimized for integration into leading-edge design flows. It provides a robust hardware root of trust and contains cryptographic services to enable many trusted functions. It also provides optimzed support for external flash-based systems that can be certified at Common Criteria EAL 5+ level with full support from Kudelski during the certification process. Veriest provides design-in support and full dynamic and formal verification of such Security Enclaves, thereby enabling customers to obtain the highest level of certification and assurance for their upcoming SoC designs.

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