Python in Verification

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About this event

At Veriest, we believe in knowledge sharing. In our recent meetup events, hundreds of professionals from 20+ different countries gathered to listen to different industry experts from companies such as Intel, ST Microelectronics, arm, Texas Instruments, Nvidia and more.

This time, we'll focus on the polemic topic of using Python in Verification. We'll have two presentations, both sharing real-life examples: first by an industry expert and the other by one of Veriest technical leaders in our Budapest, Hungary design center.  

Looking forward to hosting you!

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Speakers and Agenda


Dusica Glisic

Technical Marketing, Veriest


Moshe Zalcberg

CEO, Veriest


Avidan Efody

Verification expert, Apple

Python verification - "state of the union"

Technical presentation

Tamás Kállay

Team leader, Veriest

Python-based framework for silicon bring-up tests



Total event duration 1:30 hr

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